Preparing to Study Genesis

March 3, 2019 Pastor: Jared Burke Series: Genesis

Topic: God's Holiness, God's Power, God's Mercy, God's Sovereignty, God's Word Passage: Genesis 1:1– 50:26

Discussion Questions: 

Assignment: Read the book of Genesis. If possible, do it in one sitting.

In what ways do we see God’s sovereignty displayed in the book of Genesis? What about his holiness? His mercy?

What does the flood say about God’s attitude toward human sin? How is that related to God’s holiness?

How is it possible that God can maintain his allegiance to his holiness and at the same time offer mercy to those who deserve punishment?

What does faith in God have to do with obedience? How do we see that relationship displayed in the book of Genesis? Does your faith in God produce obedience in your life? How can you grow in both of these areas?

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