Into the Future

July 28, 2019 Pastor: Jared Burke Series: Genesis

Topic: Purpose, Plans, Future Passage: Genesis 12:1–9

Discussion Questions:

Have you ever wondered what God’s plan might be for your future? What did you do to try to answer that question?

God’s call to Abram was clear. In what way has God made his call to you just as clear? What is it?

God’s call to Abram was a call to let go and leave behind his former life? How might a call to follow Christ require letting go and leaving things in your life behind?

Was Abram given all the details? In what way was each day of his life an act of faith? 

What reason did Abram have to set up alters and worship? What reason do those who have been called by Christ have to worship? How is worship a part of your daily life?

How was Abram a blessing to others? As people who have been called by God, how can you be a blessing to others?

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