Online Service | May 10th

May 10, 2020 Pastor: Jared Burke Series: Online Services

Topic: Forgiveness, Anger Passage: Genesis 33:1–20

Welcome to our online service for May 10th!

  • Watch the service by clicking on the video to the right. A special message for children is available on our Bethany Kids page.
  • Discuss the sermon with your family or Life Group. Use the questions below to get the conversation going.
  • Remember to pray for our people, our community, and our world.
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Know that we are praying for you. May you bring glory to God and good to His people as you SHARE the hope, TEACH the truth, and SERVE the King!

Discussion Questions:

How did Jacob show humility as he approached Esau? Why does God desire to see humility in us? How do we express humility to God?

How does the purpose of Jacob’s gifts change in Genesis 33? How does that show us what must change in the way we look at good works and our approach to God?

Is forgiving others the same thing as ignoring wrongs that have been done? If not, what is the difference between the two?

In what way does our willingness to extend forgiveness to others bear witness to our understanding of how much God has forgiven us?

In what way does our willingness to forgive others point them to God?

What are some things that have made you angry recently? Is your anger justified? Is it right for you to continue on being angry? Why or why not?

Are there wrongs that have been done to you that are just too great to forgive? If so, read Matthew 6:15 and spend some time in prayer.

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