June 7, 2020

Online Service | June 7th

Pastor: Jared Burke Series: Online Services Topic: Salvation, Sin, Jealousy, Anger, Favoritism, God's Sovereignty Passage: Genesis 37:1–11

Welcome to our online service for June 7th.

  • Discuss the sermon with your family or Life Group. Use the questions below to get the conversation going.
  • Remember to pray for our people, our community, and our world.
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Know that we are praying for you. May you bring glory to God and good to His people as you SHARE the hope, TEACH the truth, and SERVE the King!

Discussion Questions:

Jacob played favorites. How have you experienced favoritism in your life?  What is wrong with it? What are the heart motivations that lead to favoritism? How does the message of the gospel speak to this?

What may have motivated Joseph to give the bad report? How should followers of Christ confront those same motivations when they see them in their own hearts? How does the gospel speak to this?

Jacob’s brothers responded in jealousy and anger. How can those who have embraced the gospel prevent these from taking root in their own lives? 

What was God’s purpose in giving Joseph the two dreams? How did they serve to further his purposes? In what way should our knowledge of God working in this way give us hope in the midst of current world events?

How is the gospel of Christ the solution to the world’s problems? 

How can you proclaim and apply the gospel more effectively to your own heart? How can you more effectively proclaim it to others?

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