Defying Gravity

November 15, 2020 Pastor: Jared Burke Series: 1 Timothy: The Good Fight

Topic: Gain, Authority, Work, Godliness Passage: 1 Timothy 6:1–5

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Discussion Questions:

Why is it difficult for people to submit to authority? In what way is that directly connected to our rebellion against God?

What reasons does Paul give for bondservants to honor their earthly masters?

Are there authorities in your life that you have a difficult time respecting? What makes it difficult? How can Paul’s words be of help?

How have you seen people use their “knowledge” of the Bible or attempts at godliness for personal gain? Is that always a conscious decision or can people unintentionally fall into that trap? How can Christians resist that gravitational pull?

It is possible to know what the Bible says and not be transformed by it? How can Christians prevent this from happening to them?

Are you prayerfully spending time reading God’s word as much as you need?

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