December 20, 2020

Hope Found: The Cry of the Ages Answered

Pastor: Jared Burke Series: Chasing Hope Topic: Incarnation, Hope, Christmas Passage: John 1:14–18


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Discussion Questions:

How has God made himself known throughout human history?

In what way is Jesus Christ the ultimate expression of God’s revelation?

A few parallels between the Old Testament tabernacle and Jesus were mentioned in the sermon. Can you think of more? What other types and shadows do we find in the Old Testament that bear witness to the fact that Jesus was God’s plan from the very beginning?

How is God’s glory displayed in Christ? Is God’s glory displayed in Christ’s humility? If so, explain. If that is true, then how might God’s glory be seen in the humility of those who have been called by his name?

Why are both grace and truth essential for people who have wandered away from God? How is Christ “full of grace and truth”? Do those who have placed their trust in Jesus continue to need grace and truth? How so?

Why does God sometimes feel distant? Is it because of our circumstances? Is it because of his proximity to us? Is it a deficiency in our knowledge and awareness of him? Explain.

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