The Man We Thought We Knew

May 16, 2021 Pastor: Jared Burke Series: The Visitation: When Hope Shook this Town

Topic: Expectations, Worship Passage: Mark 11:11


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Discussion Questions:

Read Mark 11:1-11 as a group.

What happens in this passage? What were the people doing? What were the people saying? What did that mean?

Palm Sunday was a day of confusion. Many people who praised Jesus had the wrong idea of what the promised Messiah (anointed one) would actually look like and come to accomplish. What do you think the people were expecting him to be or do? How is that different from his real mission? What are some ways that people today misunderstand Jesus?

Was Jesus entry into Jerusalem the beginning of things spinning out of control? Why or why not? Did Jesus want to be put to death? Explain your answer.

Why did Jesus weep over the city of Jerusalem? What does that say about how he feels about people?

If Jesus truly cares for people, then why does he allow them to go through the pain and hardship in this life? How can a good and all-powerful God let that happen and still be loving?

Are your love, devotion and worship of Jesus sometimes affected by circumstances in your life? What might that say about your knowledge of Jesus and what he came to accomplish?

How can those with imperfect and even painful lives, worship Jesus wholeheartedly?

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