The Church: Marks of Health

November 14, 2021 Pastor: Jared Burke Series: In Essentials Unity

Topic: Health, Church Passage: Romans 10:17


This livestream is scheduled to take place at 10:30am on Sunday, November 14th, 2021.

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 Discussion Guide

What are some factors that people might consider when choosing a church?

What are things that you look to as indicators of how your church is doing?

What is expositional preaching? Why is it foundational to the health of a church?

What is doctrine? What are some things that may happen if a church does not recognize and hold tightly to key doctrinal truths? What are the temporal consequences? What might be the eternal consequences?

What is a biblical understanding of the gospel? Can you identify and articulate the essential elements of the gospel?

What are some false gospels that are being promoted today? What danger do they pose? 

How can Christians protect themselves from being lured into embracing a false gospel? What can they do to better equip themselves to steer others away from false gospels and toward the true gospel?

What is the difference between hearing the word of God and doing/living it? Why are both essential? What role do you have in helping other members of your church live out God’s word?

Are there any good reasons to leave a church? What are they? Why is leaving a church not something that we can take lightly?

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