The Last Days

October 16, 2022 Pastor: Jared Burke Series: Acts: Forward in the Name of the Risen King

Topic: Holy Spirit, Witnessing, Gospel, End Times Passage: Acts 2:14–41


This livestream is scheduled to take place at 10:30am.

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Community Groups:

Read Acts 2:14-41 as a group.

What are some troubling changes you have observed taking place in your country or your world in recent years? How have you responded to them?

How does Acts 2:14-41 give us a picture of what God’s people should be focused on doing in the last days? How is that different than what we might tempted to focus on or do as we witness the moral devolution, increase of violence, and diminishing of religious freedom in our country?

How does Peter lead the people to whom he was speaking in Jerusalem to see their need for a savior? What are some ways that you might point people you encounter to their need?

What does Peter reveal to them about Jesus? What are essential things that you, as a faithful witness of Christ, should share?

How does Peter call his listeners to be saved? Would you describe his approach as non-confrontational, seeker-sensitive, particularly tactful, or something else? Explain.

In what way does the nature of Peter’s call to his listeners highlight his confidence and dependance upon the Holy Spirit?

How should Christians regard unbelievers they encounter in the last days?

How might the Holy Spirit be using this passage to sanctify you?

Read Acts 2:42-47 in preparation for next Sunday.


Family Time (For dads, moms and kids):

Who is Jesus?

Why we need him?

What did he do for you? Why did he do it?

How do you come to know him?

Read Acts 2:42-47 with your children in preparation for next week.

Pray for each other.

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