October 30, 2022

Speak in the Name of the Risen King

Pastor: Jared Burke Series: Acts: Forward in the Name of the Risen King Topic: Gospel, Truth, Witnessing Passage: Acts 3:1–26


This livestream is scheduled to take place at 10:30am.

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Community Groups:

Read Acts 3:1-11 as a group.

What happens in the verses you just read? Would there have been any question in people’s minds that a miracle had taken place?

If you were going to get up and share the good news about Jesus immediately following this miracle, what would you say?

Read Acts 3:12-26.

How does Peter present the gospel in this passage? Would you describe it as confrontational or non-confrontational? Explain. 

Was Peter’s approach truthful? Was it loving? Explain.

What are the difficult truths that Christians need to be prepared to speak to people in our world today if they are going to be faithful witnesses and lead people to genuine repentance?

Why might the name of Jesus have been an unpopular topic in Peter’s day? Did that stop him from boldly proclaiming it?  Do Christians in 2022 have any reason to be less bold than Peter?

Read Acts 4:1-31 in preparation for next Sunday.


Family Time (For dads, moms and kids):

Who is Jesus?

What does the name Jesus mean?

In what way is his name powerful?

Should we be embarrassed to talk about Jesus with others? Why or why not?

Read Acts 4:1-31 with your children in preparation for next week.Pray for each other.