March 19, 2023

Mission Sunday

Pastor: Don Rogers Series: Missions Sunday Topic: Mission Passage: John 4:27–35


This livestream is scheduled to take place at 10:30am.

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Community Groups:

Reflect on John 4: 27-35 as a group

What was the reputation of the woman at the well? What evidence do you find for this in verse 17 & 18? 

Read verse 27 and list all the reasons there might be for why the disciples were "surprised.” 

Verses 31-34 - Discuss the contrast between what was on the mind and heart of Jesus and compare that with what was on the mind of the disciples. 

In what ways are people today like the disciples and why do you think Jesus’ focus was so different than theirs. 

Verse 35 What was Jesus so passionate about his disciples seeing? Do you think he wanted them also to have a change of heart? In what ways? 

How many people did it take to motivate the entire town to come looking for Jesus? 

Could one person today have a similar impact? In what ways do you see this happening in Africa through ELI? 

Could this same kind of movement and change happen in your own town, neighborhood, family? What steps would need to be taken? 

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