August 6, 2023

"Paul Gets a Haircut" or "Gospel Renovation"

Pastor: Jared Burke Series: Acts: Forward in the Name of the Risen King Topic: Christian Living Passage: Acts 18:18– 19:7


This livestream is scheduled to take place at 10:30am.

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Read Acts 18:18-19:7 as a group.

Are you stuck in your ways? How would you know? When is a tradition good, and when can it be not so good?

In Acts 18:18 we see that Paul was under a vow (presumably as a way of giving honor to the Lord per his Jewish tradition). In what way would that have been good for him to keep that tradition even though it was not necessary for his salvation?

In what way did Apollos need to drop his pride? What was at stake? 

How might it be challenging for those who have gone to church for a long time to admit that they don’t have all the answers? Why is it important that our desire to know the truth, outweigh our desire to look like we have it all figured out?

As you consider the “disciples” in Ephesus (19:1-7), what does their story tell you about the importance of knowing the full truth about Jesus? Based on your knowledge of Scripture, what must a person know about Jesus to be saved?

Read Acts 19:8-20 for next week.