Everywhere we turn and in every moment of life there is reason to praise God. In this series of brief testimonies the people of Bethany Bible Fellowship in Westminster, California point others to the glory of God by sharing how they have seen him at work.

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October 27, 2019

God is... Steadfast

Speaker: Chuck Shinn Topic: Steadfast

August 4, 2019

God is... Faithful

Speaker: Aleta Bollins Topic: Faithful

July 21, 2019

God is... Friend

Speaker: Tom Feichtmann Topic: Friend

July 7, 2019

God is... Father

Speaker: Shawna Goldman Topic: Father

June 23, 2019

God is... Gracious

Speaker: Jesse Araujo Topic: Gracious

June 16, 2019

God is... Trustworthy

Speaker: Daniel Chikami Topic: Trustworthy

June 9, 2019

God is... Hope

Speaker: Raelene Blankshain Topic: Hope

June 2, 2019

God is... Healer

Speaker: Patty Araujo Topic: Healing

May 19, 2019

God is... Joy

Speaker: Ron Galvan Topic: Joy

May 12, 2019

God is... There

Speaker: Brandon Hershfield Topic: There

May 5, 2019

God is... Present

Speaker: Sabine Galvan Topic: Present

April 28, 2019

God is... Awesome

Speaker: Betty Griset Topic: Awesome

April 21, 2019

God is... Peace

Speaker: Dan Ross Topic: Peace

April 14, 2019

God is... Faithful

Speaker: Mike Browning Topic: Faithful

April 7, 2019

God is... Caring

Speaker: Adam Mings Topic: Care

March 31, 2019

God is... Life

Speaker: Nikki Tronvold Topic: Life

March 24, 2019

God is... Sovereign

Speaker: Dorinda Browning Topic: Sovereignty